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Stories set to the period of 1990-1999, and the memorable songs of the era.

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Monday, 21 August 2017
Lee Piper

Here we go…

The profile…

Hey there guys! This is DJ Lee Piper-and if you want to know a little bit of me well, here it is!

Real name is Libra G. Tuvera. I was born on a sunny day of September 30, 1982 which makes me 22 as of the moment. My parents got my name on the zodiac sign-Libra. Libra is a symbol for justice, if you happen to take a look on it, its symbol is a woman who is blindfolded and is carrying a weighing scale as if balancing things on how it should be. Whatever! So much for my name’s definition-now, maybe you’re wondering how I came up with the “radio name” “Lee Piper”-actually, Lee is a nickname given to me by my friends way back in high school and Piper-I remember a classmate way back in high school as well when we use to call up names and stuff-well, he translated my last name into English and puff! Came out ‘Piper’-think of it! Ha ha!

I’m from Bagac, Bataan but was born in Balanga. Studied in UST-BST. I have two jobs-DJ at the same time an instructor. I love the colors pink, green, red, baby blue and yellow-actually all cute and colorful stuffs I dig those. I am a movie buff! I like watching movies every now and then mostly comedies, fantasy, mysteries and horror. I like reading fantasy, horror, mystery and comedy books-not to mention magazines on artists! I want myself to be updated to what is happening, you know! My favorite actor would be Jacky Chan coz he knows how to laugh in the face of danger. But hey, I love a lot of actors and actresses too!

My passion is really music-I love pop music, rock/pop, rnb, some touch of alternative that is tolerable and not really ear-wrecking! My favorite artist would be Britney Spears coz she’s a powerful woman for me. I also like Atomic Kitten, Sclub7, Steps, Boyzone, BSB and a whole lot more. I’m crazy about Westlife coz they are all good looking and have beautiful voices; I love Nelly, Destiny’s Child and most of all-Hanson! For your information, it was Hanson who got me into artists and music and stuff.

I eat a lot (no wonder I’m growing fat every minute!). I like lasagna! The best food ever! I like all pasta dishes. I mad about cakes and ice creams and I thank God for cheese and chocolates! :) Yum yum!

I live in a white and baby blue house. I have a pet dog named Nano coz he’s small and I love him dearly (I love dogs and cats really). I live with my mom-the best mom and friend ever! With my sister-who is quite busy with her life right now and who is one of my bestfriends as well, my brother-the genius (he seems to know everything)! My dad, well he is in a different country-he is a great provider, an understanding and loving father as well-sometimes we do miss him but hey, we call every now and then, okay?

What else? Hmmn…My co-DJs? Let me describe them to you (as to my opinion). DJ MB is the laidback type, DJ John Edge is always hyper and is mad, DJ Ella Sander is the sophisticated know-it-all type of gal, Henry Jam is the joker, Peter Magic just goes with the flow, Sonny Thunder and Sounds Paper-I don’t really know them they seem okay though, Skater Boi is the punk master! And me, Lee Piper is simply the girl-next-door type of gal! (Is this true?)

There you go! My profile! Enjoy! :)

Lee Piper

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